Owner & Founders

Ed DeVlaeminck, Owner/Founder & President. Ed has been in the trade since 1986 and founded Devco Mechanical in 1993. He has a passion for plumbing and is the is the go-to guy at Devco, of course! You can often find him out working alongside the guys in the field teaching them what he has learned over the past 35+ years in the industry.

Jessica DeVlaeminck, Owner/Vice-President/Controller. Jessica has been employed at Devco since 1999, when she and Ed married. During her tenure at Devco, Jessica has done it all, wearing many hats as most small business owners do but her favorite part of the job is finding ways to help the community. 


Todd Bradford, Estimator/Project Manager/Journeyman Plumber. Todd has been working in the trade since 1994, when he was hired on with Devco. Fun fact: He was Devco’s first employee. Todd enjoys his career as an estimator; bringing in bids for both Residential to Commercial sites. 

Alex DeVlaeminck, Journeyman Plumber/Estimator. Alex was practically born into the industry as he was 3 years old when his dad, Ed, founded Devco. He has spent years working at other plumbing shops in the area as well as at Devco. Alex has been full time with Devco since 2015. He is working in the office as an HVAC Estimator; embarking Devco on a new adventure!

Nick HardistyNick Hardisty, Journeyman Plumber/Service Plumbing Estimator. Nick joined our company as a Service Plumber in early 2019 and after 5 years, has moved into his new position as our Service Estimator. He is looking forward to the challenge of a new aspect of the industry!

Office Staff

Jamie Olivan, Project Manager Assistant/Project AP Clerk. Jamie joined the team in December, 2021 after leaving a long career in the medical field. She switched gears to learn the construction industry and proved to be a quick learner. She is also Jessica’s sister! Jamie states she enjoys working in a family atmosphere and the challenges of a new career.

Julie DeVlaeminck, Assistant to HVAC Estimator. Julie joined the team in September to assist with the new Devco HVAC adventure lead by her husband, Alex. Being part of the family business and helping it grow is what Julie enjoys most about her job.

Cheyenne Renard, Administrative Assistant. Cheyenne was hired on with Devco in April, 2024. She brings 10 years of customer service experience with her, along with an eagerness to serve the community. Cheyenne has been a life long family friend and we are very excited to have her as a part of our crew!


Jason Turner, Foreman/Journeyman Plumber. Jason has been in the trade since 1997 and employed with Devco from the very start. Along with his Journeyman Plumber License, he is also Fire Sprinkler Certified. Jason has done an excellent job running Devco’s school projects over the years; and states that he enjoys the bigger Commercial projects.

AustinAustin Holland, Journeyman Plumber/Foreman. Austin has been in the industry and employed by Devco since 2010. For the last few years, he has been running commercial projects across the Columbia Gorge and surrounding areas. 

MontyMonty Olson, Journeyman Plumber. Monty has been in the industry since 1998. He has worked for Devco on and off in the past as a contract plumber when the company needed extra help. He permanently joined the Devco team in June 2015. Monty is known for being a patient teacher to his apprentices and is a very knowledgeable plumber. Monty is the nicest Plumber you will ever meet!

Brent Cramblett, Journeyman Plumber/Service Plumber. Brent joined the Devco crew as a service plumber in June 2021. He has been in the plumbing industry since 2005 and performs work on both residential and commercial service projects. Brent is very passionate about the trade and isn’t afraid of taking on a good challenge!

WalkerWalker Gardipee, Apprentice Plumber. Walker has been working with the Devco team since July of 2017. In 2020, he completed the necessary testing and was officially assigned to us as an Apprentice through the Local 290. He is very close to achieving his Journeyman’s License! Recently he has been working on local residential and light commercial projects.

Jacob Ganders, Apprentice Plumber. Jacob began working for Devco in 2019 during his summer break from school. After graduating High School, he became a full time laborer for both residential and commercial jobs. Jacob joined the Apprentice Program with Local 290, in 2022. His current projects range anywhere from Portland, OR doing commercial work to keeping it local in the Residential field.

Hunter Woods, Apprentice Plumber. Hunter began working for Devco in the fall of 2021, after leaving his career in the commercial fishing industry. He started off by working as a laborer for both residential and commercial jobs but in January, 2022, he joined the Apprentice Program with Local 290.

HVAC Technicians

Angel Trujillo, Sheet Metal Journeyman/HVAC Tech Apprentice. Angel joined the Devco HVAC team in July, 2022. He is excited to learn the trade and provide this line of work to the area.

Ron Prominski, HVAC Tech Journeyman. Ron joined the Devco HVAC crew in August, 2022 but has been in the industry since 2014. He came upon the HVAC trade through family and realized how much he enjoyed the work. Ron loves to play basketball and bungee jump in his free time. 

Caleb Kinder, HVAC Laborer. Caleb joined Devco in the Fall of ’23 and has been a great asset to the crew! He is eager to learn and pursue a career in the HVAC industry. In his free time Caleb enjoys working on cars.


Andres 071515Andres Alvarez, Equipment Operator/Laborer/Skilled Carpenter. Andres joined our team in November of 2014. He has worked in construction for most of his life but currently is perusing a future specifically in the plumbing field. Andres has many talents and his versatility comes in handy with the variety of work we do here at Devco .

Rob Lynch, Construction Laborer. Rob was hired on in the Fall of 2023. He discovered his love for the trade at the young age of 14 and can’t get enough of it! Rob enjoys old construction renovation projects over new builds but overall admires the diversity within the industry. He is also lead base paint certified! 

Jack DeVlaeminck, Construction LaborerLike his brother, Alex, Jack grew up learning the trade. He has worked for Devco throughout the years but officially joined the team in Spring of 2016. Jack is currently working on residential renovation projects as a construction laborer. 

Crew at Christmas Party - 2018

Devco Safety Meeting

As our founder, Ed always says "Safety First!"