ed-jessica-150pxEd DeVlaeminck, Owner/Founder & President.  Ed has been in the trade since 1986 and founded Devco Mechanical in 1993.  Along with his Journeyman Plumber License, Ed is also Fire Sprinkler Certified, Med Gas Certified and has his Aquatherm Installer Certificate. You can often find Ed working alongside the guys in the field supporting their growth in the plumbing industry.

Jessica DeVlaeminck, Owner/Vice-President/Controller.  Jessica has been employed at Devco since 1999, when she and Ed married. During her tenure at Devco, Jessica has done it all. Currently, she oversees all Accounting processes and manages the large contract billing.

Todd Bradford, Estimator/ Project Manager/ Journeyman Plumber.  Todd has been working in the trade since 1994 when he started working at Devco; he’s  Devco’s first employee. 

Jason Turner, Foreman/ Journeyman Plumber. Jason has been in the trade since 1997 and has been employed with Devco from the start.  Along with his Journeyman Plumber License, he is also Fire Sprinkler Certified and has his Aquatherm Installer Certificate.

AustinAustin Holland, Journeyman Plumber/Foreman. Austin has been in the trade and employed by Devco since 2010.  For the last few years, he has been running commercial projects located in Portland, OR.

Andres 071515Andres Alvarez, Equipment Operator/Laborer/Skilled Carpenter.  Andres joined our team in November of 2014.  He has worked in construction most of his life but is now looking for a future specifically in the plumbing field.

MontyMonty Olson, Journeyman Plumber.  Monty has been in the industry since 1998.  He has worked for Devco on and off in the past as a contract plumber when the company needed extra help. He permanently joined the Devco team in June 2015.  Monty is the nicest Plumber you will ever meet! 

Alex DeVlaeminck, Journeyman Plumber/Estimator. Alex was practically born into the industry as he was 3 years old when his dad, Ed, founded Devco. He has spent years working at other plumbing shops in the area as well as at Devco. Alex has been full time with Devco since 2015. He is working both out in the field and in the office as a Residential Estimator.

Kurt Nuevo, Apprentice Plumber. Kurt started working with Devco in June of 2016 just after graduating from high school. He started as a Laborer and has now joined the Plumbing Apprenticeship Program and is one year away from his Journeyman’s License.    

WalkerWalker Gardipee, Apprentice Plumber. Walker has been working with the Devco team since July of 2017. In 2020 he completed the necessary testing and was officially assigned to us as an Apprentice through the Local 290.  He is almost halfway to his Journeyman’s Licence.     

Jamie Olivan, Project Manager Assistant/Project AP Clerk. Jamie joined our team in December 2021. Since then, she has been a valuable member of our team. She handles all our commercial accounts and has learned how to do so very quickly. Jamie also answers the phone when Amy happens to be out of the office or on the phone with another customer.

Nick HardistyNick Hardisty, Journeyman Plumber/Service Plumber. Nick became a Service Plumber for us in early 2019. He has been in the industry for 6 years and enjoys working with people one on one. He performs work on both Residential and Commercial Service Projects as they are requested.

Jacob Ganders, Apprentice Plumber. Jacob began working with us in 2019 during his summer break from school.  Since then, he worked as a laborer on both residential and commercial jobs.  He has now joined the Apprentice Program with Local 290  this January, 2022.

Brent Cramblett, Journeyman Plumber/ Service Plumber. Brent joined our Team as a Service Plumber in June 2021.   He joined the plumbing industry in 2005, and isn’t afraid of taking on a good challenge.  He performs work on both Residential and Commercial Service Projects. 

AmyAmy Dabulskis, Front Desk Secretary/ Service Scheduler. Amy joined our team in August of 2021. She has a degree in history and spent some time living in Spain as a part of her degree program. Amy is an excellent addition to our Team, a kind face to greet any walk in customers and a friendly voice on the phone when you call our office. Bonus round – Amy speaks fluent Spanish, which is a Great skill to have in our office! She is our Receptionist, schedules our Service Plumbers and also tackles a variety of other Administrative Tasks.

Hunter Woods, Apprentice Plumber. Hunter began working with us in the fall of 2021, after leaving his career in the commercial fishing industry.  Since then, he worked as a laborer on both residential and commercial jobs.  In January, 2022, he  joined the Apprentice Program with Local 290.

Rene Nanez, HVAC Foreman/ Journeyman Installer, Duct & System Designer. Rene was hired in May 2022 as our first HVAC employee at the launch of our HVAC expansion Rene has been in the industry for over 18 years. He loves helping the community with various HVAC issues, and looks forward to working more in the Commercial field.

Angel Trujillo, Sheet Metal Journeyman and HVAC Tech Apprentice. Angel joined our HVAC team in July 2022. More info to come 

Steve Young, Laborer. Steve was hired in July 2022; more info to come

Ron Prominski, HVAC Tech Journeyman . Ron was hired on to the HVAC team in August 2022. He has been in the industry since 2014; he found the HVAC trade through family. More information to come 

Crew at Christmas Party - 2018

We Work Hard and We Play Hard!

The Devco Crew enjoying a Team Building Day at Top Golf.